Нэмэгдсэн: 2017-04-20 17:45:00

Dr. Davaasuren Sodnomdarjaa, Chairman of the FRC, attended the 9th Annual G-24/AFI Policymakers’ Roundtable on Financial Inclusion. The FRC is a member of the AFI since 2010, and is being a member 6 working groups which represent the thematic financial inclusion policy areas that AFI actively promotes since September 2016.

The G-24/AFI Roundtable provides a high-level platform for engaging developing and emerging country policymakers in discussions on globally relevant financial inclusion policy issues. This year’s Roundtable will focus on the theme of “Leveraging Innovative Technology to Deliver Sustainable Financial Inclusion”, and provide the opportunity to discuss key work streams being overseen by AFI’s Committees on Global Standards and Policy (GSPC) and Gender and Women’s Financial Inclusion (GWFIC).

The attendees of the Roundtable meeting will develop the Guideline Note which shall be adopted as regulation by financial authorities for all member countries. As regulatory authority, our participation in developing the guideline note is significant to Mongolia’s financial regulation.