The Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC) was established under the Parliament of Mongolia according to the Law on the Legal Status of Financial Regulatory Commission in 2006. The Commission is comprised of Chairman and six members appointed for the term of five years. The Supervisory Board, comprised of Chairman and four members appointed by the Parliament for the term of three years.

         The FRC reports its activity to the Mongolian Parliament and it strives to ensure the stability of financial market, regulate financial service institution, monitor the implementation of all relevant legislations, and protect the rights of investors and participants of the financial markets. The Commission is a specialized government body for regulation and control over different segments of the financial system including insurance market, securities market, nonbank financial institutions, and savings and credit cooperatives. 

 Code of Conduct

“To develop sustainable, internationally recognized financial sector ensuring best compliance practices and standards.”

The following values ​​of compounds represented at the FRC:

  • Be independent

  • Be trustworthy

  • Be respected

  • Be transparent